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The filmmaker:

      Eine ganz besondere Verabredung (A Very Special Engagement)
      Ein ganz besonderer Clown (A Very Special Clown)
      Eine ganz besondere Endgültigkeit (A Very Special Finality)
      Schrott – eine wahre Begebenheit (Broken – A True Story)
      Nachtmahr - eine phantastische Geschichte (Incubus – An Amazing Story)

The author:

      Stories, screenplays, novel – “Von Geiern und Kolibris”
      (Of Vultures and Hummingbirds)

About the company

Wolf-Dieter Hohe, Managing Director
Independent Author and Filmmaker

Biography of Wolf-Dieter Hohe

The nature-loving animal rights activist and environmentalist (Ethics Committee for Research on Animals, Biotope) was born 1943 in Würzburg, Germany, son of pilot Wolfgang and his wife, Mrs. Maria Hohe. Bombing forced family to flee to the shelter of Wolf-Dieter Hohe’s grandparents, who lived on a small farm in Kirchahorn, an Upper Franconian village with 500 inhabitants near Bayreuth. After grammar school, trade school and military service, worked with his brother to expand the business their parents established performing contract tailoring work for an internationally renowned mid-sized brand name clothing company.

Moonlighted on evenings, weekends and while on holiday as an actor, photographer, cinematographer, director, producer of first short films for festivals and finally his first full-length feature film. This work was followed, now professionally, by a number of screenplays, stories and a sociocritical novel “Von Geiern und Kolibris” (Of Vultures and Hummingbirds) – soon to become a motion picture. From childhood, Hohe constantly struggled to decipher what he considered to be the incomprehensible behaviour of adult society, always questioning and disturbing “adults in their moments of repose”. Consequently, he was also confronted with unavoidable and sociotypical controversies of the harsher sort. Experiences which, among other things, brought forth his films, stories and this book.