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Von Geiern und Kolibris

Wolf-Dieter Hohe

A story of the members of our society
Of adults and children
A story of vultures and hummingbirds

The theme of the book deals with the "inner" being of our society. A society in which powerful taboos obstruct true emotions, often making them virtually impossible to bear. Ultimately: “We must be able to endure them, too”.

The road we take in our personal lives, and in this sense, the right road shows us our inner self, our being – all we have to do is listen. Hence, what is most important to us should be our own affairs, our own ideals, our own values and not substitutes and notions offered by a society focused on entertainment, an overmarketed world of television and cinema dominated by the latest trends, where everything fits neatly into an advertising format – a world that categorizes emotions as either “in” or “out”. Spontaneity, living and experiencing our own actions, not those that society imparts on us, is the only genuine basis for our own lives, our own behaviour. Our system of thinking only weighs the options available to us; we are responsible for defining the principles we want to live by. Whenever someone or something else is in control, we are merely juggling our own personality in order to be able to live with the contradictions to society’s norms. We talk ourselves into finding acceptable grounds for the deficits we experience – in some cases even talk ourselves out of their existence altogether – which ultimately leads to personal and collective catastrophes in everyday life. It is precisely this that determines the course of the plot.

WeDe Film und Buch GmbH - Wolf-Dieter Hohe (Schriftsteller, Autor und Filmemacher)

Brief description:
The story begins with an inexplicable act of violence. Someone is murdered. On a fundamental level, however, this act is not against the individual himself, but against the Ice Age of our society, in how it puts the act of doing before being and diversion before substance. Thus, the plot is not determined by the act itself or the perpetrator, but by the onlookers and their vanity, malevolence, obsession with their careers and pitilessness.

Publishing company:
Langen-Müller-Herbig Universitas